Safety is our #1 priority, paramount in every task we perform.  Ramudden Services crews are trained on an ongoing basis and inspected regularly.  This ensures both their safety awareness and the procedures they use are up to date, which creates the safest possible work environment for all.  We constantly strive to improve our policies and procedures to ensure the safety of your workers, our workers and the traveling public.

Our commitment to safety is evident in our involvement with the Ontario Traffic Manual review, our membership in the America Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) and the Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA). We are constantly educating ourselves on new products, innovations and techniques to ensure we are always up to date on the latest safety trends. We review our policies and procedures regularly and revise them as needed to make sure we are always operating at the highest level of safety for our staff and our customers.

We are committed to making safe decisions as a priority over cost, competition or urgency. All of our internal policies and staff training are clearly focused on increasing safety for all road users at all times. We pride ourselves on our safety record and our proof of commitment to the safety of the entire industry.